Who or what is ASKMe Marketing? Great question.

ASKMe Marketing was started by an individual with over 15 years of Marketing experience with several firms as Director of Marketing or Marketing Manager. She saw what worked, and most importantly what ... didn't. She saw small departments struggle to get everything done with limited resources and large departments get little done with a heck of a lot more. But most importantly, she recognized when it was more cost-effective to outsource a portion of manpower and when it was really and truly necessary to hire another member of staff. So she started her own company to provide outsource resources and marketing consultation for companies that just need a helping hand.

We're your every resource, the answer to any marketing question you may have, and many that you haven't even thought of yet. We're writers, web designers, graphic artists, project managers, consultants, temps, and - quite possibly - your new best friend...

Specializing in small to mide-size companies, ASKMe Marketing can provide the services you're looking for in an in-house marketing department... without having to hire, fire, or find the cubicle or office space to house them.

Need a flyer for a product or event? ASKMe.
Need a technical manual or a catalogue created? ASKMe.
Need a website or someone to manage changes and additions to an existing website? ASKMe.
Have so much going on that you're not even sure what you need? We can help, Just ASK.

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