1. Why do I need ASKMe Marketing?

    1. We're able to assist you with every aspect of your company's marketing endeavor. From project management to the most minute detail of a single web graphic, we can do it for you. If you already have an inhouse team in place, we can help you better utilize your resources and even handle any overflow to hit deadlines. If you don't have a marketing team in place, we can take over those responsibilities or provide you with consulting assistance to determine what you need to create one - and even help you hire the right people.

      That's why our motto is, "All Your Marketing Needs ... Just ASK!"

    1. What do you charge?

    1. At ASKMe Marketing, we know that no job is the same. Therefore each request is considered on an individual basis and quoted in the most cost-effective way for you. Every quote is honored as a "do not exceed" amount and you will never be charged more than what was explained at the beginning of the project. We know that you have many choices out there and we want to make sure you're satisfied so that you'll continue to utilize our assistance and refer us to your colleagues.

      Have a job in mind for us already? Contact Us today to get started.

    1. Why are the letters ASKM capitalized?

    1. ASKM are actually the initials of the founder's full name. If you know her first and last name and are a good little Googler, you can figure it out pretty easily.

    1. My company is not located in the Kansas City Area, can I still work with you?

    1. Yes. It's a virtual world out there. We work with many clients all over North America and even a few in Australia. Through e-mail, conference calls, and Web Conferencing, we can get the job done. If you prefer a more personal approach - we can do that too. Just ASK!

    1. Do you offer translation services?

    1. Yes. Just ASK! (Noticing a trend yet?)